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AD4x4 organised the 2017 version of its annual Treasure Hunt

08 Winners 2017 Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is a desert navigation challenge thats tests driving, navigation and teamwork skills under safe and controlled conditions. Treasure Hunt follows a simple formula: teams of three cars aim to find as many flag locations in a specific timeframe, there is one GPS format used and attached to each flag there is a plastic pot, in which there is a unique stamp for the teams to mark their score sheet.

Teams could chose to participate to two categories: Discoverers and Hunters. Discoverers were given 14 flag locations and 1 bonus flag location by combining GPS formats which were recorded in two of the 14 locations. Hunters were given 16flag locations and one bonus flag location by combining GPS formats which were recorded in two of the 16 locations.

However none of the flags were placed in the actual GPS location given to the teams. All flags were placed within 100-200 meters from the given coordinates and thats was the task for all teams to solve..Challenging!


Treasure Hunt was planned and organized over a short period of two months by a few desert enthusiasts all proud members of AD4X4.

There was a great team behind it- those that gathered and planned the idea of the event- the ones that set out on scouting trips in the area and collected many waypoints- the ones that prepared the gifts and medals and gathered so many sponsors together- and the ones that went in the middle of a sand storm and flagged the event a week before.. it was sandy indeed!

Some of them climbed trees, some sprayed on walls and some dug on the sand and all posed for selfies, but for sure they all had a lot of fun!

You know who you are ladies and gents!


The area chosen was technical but suitable for both newbie and advanced teams. A combination of short to medium dunes and spots of soft sand "fender bender" areas spread around. Area covered approximately 100 square kilometers with Treasure Hunt Base Camp situated in the middle.

Treasure Hunt Event Organizers
Event Briefing
Safety Briefing


It was a clear sunny day with temperature just above 18 degrees up to 26 degrees later in the afternoon.

By 09:30 all teams had been registered, cars checked, the event and safety briefings completed and the envelopes with maps and stamp sheets handed out to all teams.

Some teams decided to chose the waypoints on the go, while others stayed at the Base Camp for over half an hour and planned their approach to the flags. While teams were away the Base Camp was reconfigured into the finish set up.

Four recovery teams, with specific waypoints allocation for each, set off to supervise the area and check the flags status.

By 16:00 teams stated to arrive, all excited and with many stories to share of their adventures during the hunt.

Main treasure

The main treasure, which had 22 prizes, was barried in the farm which was beside the Base Camp.



Twenty six teams participated in the first Treasure Hunt, 14 teams at Hunters level and 12 teams at Discoverers level.

Two teams only from Hunters level managed to visit all the flags, ending up with 124 points each, where the winning team took the cup for making the shortest distance by 1 kilometer only... close!!

The winning teams' GPS track were checked to verify the flags visited and that the team moved as convoy at all times.

Congratulations to team Difflock from UAE Offroaders (first place, Discoverers)
and team Phantom Ghost from AD4x4 (first place, Hunters).

Hunters Level First Place: Team Phantom Ghost from AD4x4
Discoverers Level First Place: Team Difflock from UAE Offroaders


We would like to say a big thank you to all our sponsors who with their support and generosity made this event happen.

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Hani AMJ on Saturday, 15 September 2018 19:02

Nice trip

Nice trip
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