Membership Overview

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In this section we will find all the information you will need to begin your membership with AD4x4.

As a club, here is what we do:

Promote Off-Roading throughout the 7 emirates.
Insure the sport is well regulated, safe and fun.
Encourage the development of the sport.
Oversee Thousands of members in the club.
Manage hundreds of events every year.
Develop all disciplines: Road, track, desert & wadi.
Offer events and training to all driving levels.
Manage special events for non-offroad bodies.
Manage a number of national and multinational off-road events

After I register, what's next?

Once you have registered and verified your account with ad4x4.com, you need to use our events module to find and register on an ANIT which stands for Absolute Newbie Instruction Trip. We usually offer an ANIT every weekend in high season (winter) and once every two weeks in summer. The ANIT program helps new members understand the Club rules and regulations and how our grading system works.

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Level of Trips and Grading System

After you have attended your ANIT with AD4x4 your account will automatically be upgraded from Newly Registered user to Newbie. This will lift some restrictions on your account and will allow you access to newbie trip announcements. Once you have joined enough number of newbie trips, you will qualify for an upgrade to the next level where you will be assessed and upgraded using our upgrade system. The system utilizes a LogBook to keep track of your progress with AD4x4.

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Your membership begins once you have register a free account with AD4x4.com. Your account will give you access to the following sections of our website
Register for trips & events, Share your memories with friends, view other member’s activities and integrate your account with Facebook.
Read about off-road topics, trip reports, special offers, club discussions and join hobby groups in our content-rich forum.
Read about our latest event, upcoming events, news, press releases and product reviews on our website blog.

Description of AD4x4 Grades

New members are allowed to attend select Newbie trips, but to become a Newbie, new members must attend an ANIT trip which includes a half an hour to an hour briefing presenting the club (mission and vision), our rules, safety, equipment, description of a typical trip, convoy management, maps and explanation of risks followed by an easy couple of hours drive suitable for first-timers.

After attending an ANIT trip, members will be a Newbie. Newbie trips are easy drives with regular breaks introducing members to the basic skills of driving in the desert. Newbies will witness recoveries made by higher levels. Trips will not include night drives or trips to LIWA, yet.

Intermediate trips are increased in duration and difficulty, but always kept to a level appropriate for all drivers in the convoy. This allows members to master the basic skills of driving in the desert. Intermediate trips can include easy night drives and easy LIWA trips. At Intermediate level, you start performing simple recoveries under the supervision of a Marshal.

Advanced trips provide the opportunity for members to learn all the skills required to truly master driving in the desert. A wide variety of advanced driving skills will be introduced along with advanced recovery training, GPS Navigation, Leading and Sweeping skills. Advanced trips will still be kept appropriate for all drivers in the convoy, but can include night trips and full LIWA trips. Advanced drivers will be responsible for performing recoveries under Marshal Supervision, however will not be allowed to lead a full trip, or announce a trip.

Expert members have demonstrated they have mastered all advanced driving skills and can handle all types of driving and desert conditions in safe and controlled manner. Expert members can lead Expert trips as long as the rules of the club are respected. Experts can also lead Advanced trips under the supervision of a Marshal.

Explorer is the first step into the management side of the club. Explorers are selected by the senior management of the club and must participate in the life of the club, website, special events, and trip management. Explorers can announce, organize and lead Advanced and higher-level trips, and lead Intermediate trips under the supervision of a Marshal.

Marshals organize trips and events, manage the club, supervise all recoveries and are responsible for passing on their skills to other members of the club in a safe and responsible manner.

Club Level of Authorities.

Like any organization, the club has several levels of authorities.

Group Rank Role
Newbie No Role
Intermediate No Role
Advance Assist with trips
Expert No Role
Explorer Future Marshal
Marshal Run Trips, Events & Club affairs
Senior Marshal Higher Management
Committee Member Decesion Making Committee

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