Levels of Authorities

Club organisational structure


Founder & Website Administrator
Co-Founder & Chairman
Co-Founder & Website Administrator
Co-Founder & Chief Marshal
Co-Founder, Field & Safety Manager

Have total and complete sole discretion to over rule any decision taken by any of the following levels of authority.

They have the sole power to veto a decision and where necessary, upgrade, downgrade and ban members. In addition , they have the right to appoint a member for special assignment and / or give a member any title they feel it is required.

Appoint supreme Committee members.

Handling the club accounts.

Their decision will be final.

In addition to the Founder Committee , these 5 members jointly form the Supreme Committee.

Primarily Marshals, their additional role in the Supreme Committee is to support the Founders in the continued development of AD4x4.

As part of the Supreme Committee they can jointly take any decision in the club and where deemed necessary, over rule any decision/s taken by a group of Marshals.

Marshals to be appointed by the Supreme Committee.

Explorers upgrade will require an approval of 2 Supreme Committee / Founders Commitee Members.

Their decision will be final.

They cannot over rule a decision made by the Founders.

If the Founders deem it necessary to over rule a decision by the Supreme Committee it should be with the JOINT decision of the Founders.

Level 2 - Board Members

Board Member
Board Member
Board Member
Level 3 - MARSHALS

Where a decision is required not involving the Founders or the Supreme Committee, the approval of 4 Marshals is required.

The decision taken by 4 Marshals can be over ruled by:
An agreement from 6 Marshals, or
Joint decision from the Supreme Committee, or
By one of the Founders.

Marshal have the right to recommend the upgrade of a member to a Marshal. However, Supreme Committee approval is required to confirm the upgrade.

In case of an upgrade to an Explorer, approval of 2 Supreme Committee members is required.


Marshals joining a trip announced by an Explorer are there to assist and evaluate ONLY.

Marshals will not interfere in the route taken unless they feel it is not safe for the followers.

As an Explorer is not expert in leading a trip, Marshals should always assist and advise the leader whenever he/she requires help or assistance.

If a Marshal offers a comment or decision during the trip to the trip leader it should be respected by the trip leader.