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TRIP REPORT - Sweihan Roller Coaster


Me, dsalas & kareemkhalaf met at the deflation point on time, however cabf joined a bit later as  he though we were meeting at Sweihan Wedding Hall. After deflation and a detailed briefing (as this was cabf first intermediate trip) we were all set and ready to hit the dunes.

Convoy was set with me in the lead, kareemkhalaf my second lead, then cabf & dsalas was ower official sweeper. We started warming up cruising in a roller coaster style within the beautiful dunes in this side of the farm, as everyone was confident and in good control of their vehicles I started raising the level, throwing some spices here & there and hitting higher dunes.

We had our coffee break around 9:15 am, where we had our chat & feedback on the drive. Everyone was excited and ready for some more action, we aimed for higher dunes and went playing around. Then it was time for learn some new stuff, so I gave the guys a demonstration stuck (for learning purpose :P) in a steep bowel, however dsalas attempting to recover me got stuck too lol. So kareemkhalaf came for the rescue and recovered both of use in one pull as we were tied up together. During this Advance recovery, dsalas got a pop-out where it was a bit of a challenge as now we had three cars in the bowel, however in a team spirit we managed to get his car to a flat area fixed the pop-out and went back to our roller coaster game.

On our way out to the inflation point we met the Newbie convoy (trip organized by our dear Marshal Scotchyl), so we stopped to say Hi and had a brief chitchat.

cabf, you did great!! Being your first intermediate trip I was a bit worried, but after the first 15 mins you prove me wrong with your outstanding performance, and taking the right decision whenever required. Keep it up.

kareemkhalaf, well done. Thank you for being a solid second lead.

dsalas, thanks for looking after the convoy and keeping me always informed.

Thank you all for joining the trip; it was an amazing morning with a wonderful group.

See​ ​you soon on ​the​ dunes.

​Time November 16, 2018 - 07:30 AM
Sweihan, Abu Dhabi
Cars Joined 
4 Cars

Trip Schedule  

​07:30 am - 07:45 am
​Meeting point at Sweihan Farm G13
07:45 am - 08:00 am
Deflation and briefing
​08:00 am - 09:15 am
​09:15 am - 09:30 am
Coffee Break
​09:30 am - 11:30 am​Driving





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