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TRIP REPORT - Dance on The Dunes with PHARAOH


Trip date: Friday 28.12.2018 / Time: 7:30 am

 It was an amazing morning, sky was clear and weather was a bit chili. All met at the deflation point on time, even some were there a bit earlier. The Baron went by mistake to AD4x4 deflation point while we were all at the other side of the farm; however he managed to join us few minutes later through the gatch road around the farm. With everyone deflated & flags are on, I did the safety briefing and set the convoy in the following order:

 - PHARAOH (Lead)
- Geert (2nd Lead)
- Mr. George
- Tiago737
- Kharadly
- The Baron
- Bhav (Sweeper)
- Abdul Qadir (Support Marshal)

 We started warming up with some side slops on high dunes and side cresting some medium dunes until we reached a bowl with very soft sand, so we went into the bowl one by one and some even went for it couple of times until they mastered it, well done guys! Meanwhile, Kharadly's TJ started to overheat after his first attempt so we left it to cool down while others were playing in the bowl; after it cooled down Kharadly took it for a second attempt then it started overheating again, so he decided not to continue the trip (sorry for that Bro). We took him to the gatch road, made sure he will be able to reach the main road safely then we went back to the sand.

 With everyone handling their vehicles perfectly and the adrenaline level revved up, we went dancing on top of all the high dunes in the area from one top to the other until we reach an amazing spot where we had our first break around 9:30 am. As all were confident and super excited, we jumped into our cars and went searching for more dunes driving from one top to the other. On our way, we meet some friends from another club also enjoying their morning on the sand, so we stopped by to say Hi. Then we headed towards Nugrah, when we reach there I was shocked with all tracks all over the area. We stopped for a short break, and then continued dancing on the dunes on our way back to AD4x4 BBQ point. We had couple of second tries & three stucks that were recovered safely, in total we covered around 50KM of pure high dunes.

 I'd like to thank you all for joining the trip and making it such a memorable adventure, with only your super performance I was able to take the trip up to this extreme. Well done everyone, you are now Advanced Drivers - Warriors level.

 Mr. George & Tiago737, I was really impressed by your driving style & the way you handled your cars considering this was only your second Advanced drive.

 The Baron, you were amazing as usual the more you drive the more you are gaining experience and mastering it. Keep it up!

 Thanks Geert for being a solid second lead, Bhav for sweeping and keeping me always informed, and Marshal Abdul Qadir for looking after the convoy all the time.

 Kharadly, you were missed. Hope the overheating issue is a minor fix & that you will be back on the sand soon.

 See you all soon on the dunes.

​Time December 28, 2018 - 07:30 AM
Sweihan, Abu Dhabi
Cars Joined 
8 Cars



Abdul Qadir


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