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REPORT: Riding the Slopes of Khazna Flaghunter Style (Sat 16/2 PM INT)


Everybody met on time at 2pm sharp by the deflation point on a windy Saturday afternoon. After a briefing, we headed straight to the dunes in the following convoy order:

  • Michal (Flaghunter) - Lead
  • Kevin (petro) - Second Lead
  • Samer (samk)
  • Kamran (kamran143)
  • Tim (tsmiles)
  • Mark (loefflmj)
  • Isham (ishamp)
  • Rene (The Baron) - Sweeper

We warmed up in the rollercoaster dunes of Khazna and reached all the way to the trees, where we took a break for chitchat and refreshments. All drivers were doing well and we were doing good on time, so we proceeded all the way to the big bowls in the Sweihan direction. In the first bowl, we had to fix a popout and get two people (incl. myself) unstuck, so that was quite a good break for the rest of the drivers and passengers with beautiful scenery all around us. Towards the end of the trip, we safely played in the big bowls, until we ran out of time and took the gatch road that goes all along a very long wall back to the starting point, which we reached at 6:10pm.

Everybody seemed to ​have enjoyed the trip. All drivers did very well, I gave everybody personal feedback: the main topics were keeping enough distance between the cars and relax a little bit in tricky situations. Huge thanks to Kevin and Rene for very valuable support on the trip. Till next time!

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Monday, 20 May 2024
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