Dxb Intermediate Early Bird Club

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Dxb Intermediate Early Bird Club

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After having a last minute cancellation, we were ready and briefed by 6:00am. The weather was very much tolerable tending towards humid by the shops. As we entered though, and crossed the part were sand was full of tracks, we reach a soft sand area leading us towards Rafada dunes. We practiced lots of side sloping and change overs from one dune to another. As we reached the high dunes, we practiced some more side sloping and mild switched as we four our way to Iftar bowl. The weather then was spectacular; we easily enjoyed a coffee as we were discussing the drive and whats new to learn. At iftar bowl, and as we’re attempting the dunes for the 2nd time, Yazeed’s car belt decided to bail out, which forced us to tow the car to the nearest exit which is by the farms. After that, we entered again after Mohamad and Armin left and we finalized the trip by the shops.

Thank you team for joining a wonderful trip and morning.

1. Mustafa Lead
2. Faisal 2nd Lead; i hope i managed to change your mind regarding Badayer having small dunes and not much to do. Next time we drive higher pace together
3. Yazeed; excellent driving as usual. Your skills are flourishing with every drive
4. Julia; i am so proud of you for keeping up today. It wasnt the easiest intermediate and you kept up really well especially on the few side crest and long side slopes we have done.
5. Mohamad: such a pleasure driving with you again. For many more to come man
6. Armin: welcome back to AD4x4. Excellent driving skills and superb job sweeping. Looking forward to seeing you more with us

See you next time folks

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Re: Dxb Intermediate Early Bird Club

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