Stay Cool Summer Newbie

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Stay Cool Summer Newbie

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Zak - Fortuner (Lead)
Rahul - Prado (2nd Lead)
Arun - Pajero SWB
Kunal - FJ
Farhan - Prado
Baiju - JLU
Tompa - FJ (Sweep)

After many visits we have found an easy newbie track into the dunes of Al Faya which we were able to enjoy this Saturday.
We all met at sunrise and had some good socializing and catch up with all the different members who joined the trip and once everyone was ready I have welcomed everyone to the trip and seperated us into the different convoys for the detailed briefings.
As it was Arun's first trip with the group I have done an ANIT brieifing for him and we made a start.
To warm up we have practiced some straight crests and then started cruising towards the open dunes. Weather was hot but bearable and we started to get a good flow on the low open dunes. We had a couple of stucks and Farhan and Kunal were able to practice their recovery skills.
Around 9am Rahul had some mechanical issues with his car so we took a safety precaution and headed for the sabkha and the exit. Everyone did really well and Arun has done well for his first time.

Thank you all for joining.
And big thank you to Tompa for all the support and guidance from the rear.

Until next time.


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Re: Stay Cool Summer Newbie

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It’s always a pleasure and fun to drive with you Zak 👍🏼

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