DXB Into the night from Ghost town

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DXB Into the night from Ghost town

Post by Abdoo »

After a while being away of the desert we came to this lovely trip in such a hot day,.

we all met on time sharp after one cancellation at 3:30pm, we quickly deflated our tires, had safety briefing and started our journey as follows:

Abdoo (leading Marshal)

Shiroy (2nd Lead)
Chris (Sweeper)
Taycoob (Supporting Eye around )

Chief Bulldozer Supporting Marshal

trip started with a worm up on the way from Ghost town till we reached super bowl, in small edges and soft sands, practiced some driving skills on powder sand which was as said a warm up for drivers till we reached super bowl, where one of the cars decided to have a coolant issue and we had to exit his trip unfortunately, and Chris decided to exit with him and make sure he reaches ok.

second phase of the trip was a play on super bowl and every single edge around it and given the fact that wind has cleaned all tracks and desert felt like new, drivers have shown a great confidence and fun practicing all possible skills, which encouraged me to slightly increase the level within the frame.

reaching iftar bowl, we had a break in which drivers climbed the dune one by one and reaching the high peak as wind has cleaned it too (no bumps or tracks at all) then we had the signature coffee of chief bulldozer and started our way again.

from iftar bowl we kept the spicy drive and utilizing the capabilities of the drivers and cars, and visiting every dune / slope we find, until we caught the sunset on top of our regular sunset dune where we had a chit chat and watched the sunset, then by 7:15pm we moved towards Badayer shops where our trip came to an end.

this was one of those trips which will never be forgotten, meeting new faces of abu dhabi and hope it was enjoyable and will see you again .

Tariq: thanks a lot for your outstanding support which was a big factor of completing the fun

Shiroy: it was nice meeting you and coming all the way from AUH, your 2nd lead skill is noticeable

Basem : i really was surprised of your skills , you are absolutely ready for the next lever, it was nice to meet you too from AUH

Faisal: as usual an addicted driver with nice capability

And big thanks to chief bulldozer, for his presence and the one and only coffee.

hope you all enjoyed the ride and see you all soon in the sand
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Re: DXB Into the night from Ghost town

Post by tyacoub »

Today is one of the club memorable day's, it was a really amazing trip with amazing Marshall, Since he managed to mix all driving techniques together, and also managed to maintain convoy motivated.
Zero stuck
Zero pop out
Zero recovery
Really expert Marshall, knowing exactly how to get fun with a highest level of safety 👏
Thanks again and looking forward for your trips.

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Re: DXB Into the night from Ghost town

Post by Hachem82 »

Thank you Marshal Abdoo for the amazing trip!! A lot of fun with awesome track!!! Looking forward for your next trip!

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