Abu Dhabi All Level Drive and Iftar Party

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Abu Dhabi All Level Drive and Iftar Party

Post by Scoozy »

**On Saturday April 16th AD4x4 club hosted the annual Ramadan Iftar party in Abu Dhabi and announced All Levels Drive for the members of the club.
The All levels drive consisted of 5 convoys:
-2 Newbie convoys - Lead by Marshal Adiga and Explorer Raul
-2 Intermediate convoys - Lead by Explorer Cantloube and Marshal Mytommi
-1 Advance convoy - Lead by Explorer Zak

In the Newbie convoy we had 6 ANIT registrations, 4 of them showed up at the drive.

All Convoys met on time , got in order and all hit the sand at around 3:30 pm.

Each trip leader will write their own report and below is my report.

My convoy consisted of 7 great drivers 3 of them were ANIT and one was first time driving on sand:

1- The dude
2- knyazs
3- harosteve
4- Tarikyamani
5- Ranil81
6- adheippal
7- Isa la Reine

We had support team consisting of Marshals Budldozer, Hadi, JustAhmedo and Mustafa

After I did the safety briefing and agreed on convoy order with Advance Tariq as my second lead and Advance Davorin as Sweeper, we started driving at around 3:30 pm and I chose a very easy track around the Tilal Sweihan area. All drivers were doing very well so I decided to increase the level a little bit and tried a couple of small straight crests.

We had a couple of stucks and recoveries and also multiple second tries and the drivers were getting used more and more to the soft sand and the terrain.

We also practiced some decents and the drivers did it a very safe manner.

We drove for around 1.5 hours and had our first and only break where Marshal Buldozer explained to the drivers the tricks of safe driving and the angles of approach to keep their cars in good shape.

After the break we started heading to the camp at around 5:30 pm and we made it their on time.

All cars arrived safely to the camp and we gathered for the Iftar afterwards.

The Iftar was brilliantly organized by the team and all members and their families enjoyed the amazing AD4x4 evening.

After the Iftar and as usual, AD4x4 was proud to announce the upgrade of our new Marshals that worked very hard for the club and deserved to earn this badge as follows:

1- Marshal Atari
2- Marshal Sinan
3- Marhsal Cantaloube
4- Marshal Zak
5- Marshal Osama Al Ali

Congratulations to all our new Marshals and enjoy the new responsibilities.

Looking forward for more events to come and thanking all the organizers of this event who worked hard to make it happen and see you all on the sand soon!

Best Regards

Scoozy - Raul

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Re: Abu Dhabi All Level Drive and Iftar Party

Post by Tarikyamani »

Well organized trip and much fun, also delicious iftar . Thanks raul and the support team🙏

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Re: Abu Dhabi All Level Drive and Iftar Party

Post by cmj1388 »

Thank you all for the great Iftar evening and drive.....very well planned and organized event....food was so great and homely....congratz to all New Marshall's which is well deserved for each of them... Once again thank you for the effort behind the scenes to make it a success as usual...See u all soon....

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Re: Abu Dhabi All Level Drive and Iftar Party

Post by MustafaHabash »

Thank you Raul and AD4x4 management for the amazing event. Another successful one in the books.
Congrats again for our newly upgraded Marshals: Atari, Sinan, Zak, Ousama, and John. A great pool of talent with endless learnings to provide.

See you on the one guys.

Black Mamba

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Re: Abu Dhabi All Level Drive and Iftar Party

Post by JustAhmedo »

An amazing iftar and gathering and all thanks to every single person who contributed in making this day event successful with unforgettable memories.
It was well organized and food was so great from the beginning until ending with kunafa.
Congrats to the new marshals. A valuable addition to the organge team.

Looking forward to see you all soon.
You can shake the desert sand from my shoes, but not from my soul

Just Ahmedo

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Re: Abu Dhabi All Level Drive and Iftar Party

Post by irfpk »

Another wonderful event. Thanks all participants for attending event with family and friends.
Thanks organisers for your all out efforts to make it a success.

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Re: Abu Dhabi All Level Drive and Iftar Party

Post by Scorpionita »

I would like to thanks everyone who contributed by:
1. Joining the Family of AD4x4
2. Attended the event drive
3. Attended the event iftar and anniversary
4. Contributed with Food
5. Event Organizer

Congratulations to New Marshals

Thanks again
Ramadan Kareem
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Re: Abu Dhabi All Level Drive and Iftar Party

Post by ossme »

Thank you, Raul, and the organization team for The outstanding effort. :)

Congratulations to all new marshals! It was a Long time coming! ^_^
Proud to be Ad4x4 Marshal. :)

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Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Re: Abu Dhabi All Level Drive and Iftar Party

Post by abdullah1234 »

Thank you to the whole Ad4x4 team for such a wonderful event. Great food.

Congratulations to osama, john, atari for new marshal.
Abdullah Ghafar
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Re: Abu Dhabi All Level Drive and Iftar Party

Post by Mytommi »

This is the trip report for Abu Dhabi All Levels Drive & Iftar Party intermediate convoy #2.
Thanks Raul for organizing...

** Abo5yya6 (Omar)
** suryasingh (Surya)
** jamestaylor (James)
**** Ayfas (Shaju)

It was a rather short convoy as 4 drivers excused themselves before the trip.
After deflating and safety briefing we moved to the dune range Southwest of the meeting point. The start was quite technical through low and medium sized dunes. The sand was very soft here and there which led to some second tries as well as a few stucks that were quickly recovered by the team.
One driver had an issue with his rear bumper which was provisionally fixed on the fly.

Further to the West we found some more open spaces that even allowed for some side-sloping. Turning South later we entered technical area again. As one driver didn’t feel well we decided to leave the dunes, and drive on flat area to the Sweihan pond. There we found that another driver had a mini pop out (flat tire) that could be fixed by just inflating again.

After the break (nobody wanted to swim) we went straight back to the meeting point and arrived safely a few minutes after 18:00 h.

Thanks to James for excellent second lead and Shaju for sweeping and support.

See you soon again in the sand,

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Re: Abu Dhabi All Level Drive and Iftar Party

Post by Ayfas »

Thanks to management for organizing this event. Hats of to Raul for marshaling this event and thanks & congrats to all worked behind the scenes and all participants. It was a wonderful evening.
Thanks thomas for the drive.
Congratulations to all newly upgraded Marshals.

Ayfas - Offroader. A proud AD4x4 Member.

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Re: Abu Dhabi All Level Drive and Iftar Party


Report of the intermediate convoy # 1 - Abu Dhabi All level

Thank you Raul for this organization and for giving me the lead of a convoy.
We were a little less than expected, two drivers did not join, in the end the team was composed of :

Me John (leader)
Roy** FJ
Osama** Land Cruiser
Justyna** FJ
Michael** FJ
And Marshal FIDO as supervisor.

After a safety and intermediate driving briefing we headed south to the dunes. The entrance to the dunes was tricky and technical, we quickly had second tries and stuck. Finally inside we had a lot of fun.
It was technical at the beginning and much easier towards the end of the trip. I voluntarily lowered the driving level after a driver pop out.

Thanks to all the drivers for coming and to Marshal Fido for the work done in the back and there was some. In the end everyone did very well and we all arrived on time at the meeting point for IFTAR.

Thanks to the organizers and all those who brought all this food, not to mention the kunafas.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire board and management for the trust they have put in me by making me Marshal.
I will honor the orange shirt and continue to pass on what you have taught me..

Thank you all and see you soon in the desert.


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Re: Abu Dhabi All Level Drive and Iftar Party

Post by Octopus »

Thank You Raul, Adiga, Pshasha, and all the rest of the team who helped with the organisation and throughout for the food preperation and good energy.

It was a really enjoyable event and so nice for all to gather for iftar.

For the advance crew here is the trip report

Zak - Fortuner (lead)
Chris - Prado (2nd Lead)
Carolyn - JK
Tim - JKU
Vishnu - Pathfinder
Reji - FJ (Sweep)

After meeting up and extending greetings to al the other drivers and convoys we gathered for a briefing. Since this was the 1st advance for Carolyn and the 2nd advance drive for Tim I made the level of the drive as advance 101. The brieifing consisted of a detailed explanation of side cresting and the elements that make it safe and fun to do and why side cresting makes getting around in the desert so much easier than limiting to only straight cresting.
We set off into the dunes close to the race track practicing side cresting and riding the crests on small dunes and enjoying an easy drive and a slow pace. With time we moved towards the larger dunes and practiced slope climbs and riding the big crests.
Everyone did very well, no stucks or recoveries, just lots of 2nd tries under the guidance of Chris and Reji. Carolyn you did very well especially for your first advance drive.
Thank you to everyone else for joining, and looking forward to driving with you all soon and seeing your support on some of the lower level drives as well.
All the best. Zak

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Re: Abu Dhabi All Level Drive and Iftar Party

Post by Dirtdiver »

Thanks to everyone that organized the event a prepared the food for wonderful Iftar gathering.
Thanks Zak for leading us on the nice track and teaching us how to safely side crest the dunes. I had a wonderful time and look forward to the nest trip.

Congratulations to all the new Marshals.

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Re: Abu Dhabi All Level Drive and Iftar Party

Post by caounda »

AD4X4 Management

Thanks For Organizing A Memorable event (All drive and Iftar party Ramadan 2022)

Please accept sincere thanks from me and on behalf of all AD4X4 members for organising and hosting Iftar party It was perfect weekend retreat.

I cannot thank you enough for demonstrating the existence of quality of being kind and generous during the event.

Honestly AD4X4 Management & Marshal’s are the best in the UAE. Your efforts have substantially
contributed to the quality of our interactions and your professionalism has overwhelmed us.

Your arrangements were impeccable. Whether it was off-roading or Iftar party, we found everything
to our satisfaction. You took care of our individual needs and made sure everyone was well
taken care of. Thank you for managing the itinerary for each club member and making it a relaxing

I personally congratulate you for demonstrating the highest professional courtesy.
Your attention towards hygiene in these tough times is highly commendable.
The success of the event, in no small part, goes to your professional staff.

Event coordination, crowd management and logistical support has made such a big event successful.
Thank you for your gracious and kind hospitality.

I am proud to be one of the members in AD4X4 club.

Thank You
Osama Hassan (Caounda)
Land Cruiser

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing....

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