4hi or 4lo intermediates 14/Jan/2022

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4hi or 4lo intermediates 14/Jan/2022

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We all met at Alkhazna deflation point with big smiles and excitement.

We had our safety briefing and when to use the 4hi or 4lo.

Our convoy:

JustAhmedo - lead
Mahmoud Rizk - 2nd lead
Abdul razeem
Talha - sweeper

We started playing and warming at the big dunes near the gatch and everyone did great and I knew we were gonna have a good trip.
We were driving for 30 minutes non stop and unfortunately Mahmood had an issue with his car.
We left the car and continued the trip and Mahmoud was Omar’s passenger.
All drivers really did great and showed good handling so we switched roles and gave each one to try to 2nd lead and sweep.
After we finished every challenge, we went back to recover the car and reached the gatch road by 5:30 safely.

Thanks everyone for joining and everyone did really great and I hope to see you all again soon.
Hard luck Mahmood, hope you get your car fixed soon.

Warm regards,
Just Ahmedo

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