DXB- Practicing Newbie

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DXB- Practicing Newbie

Post by Sai27 »

Welcome Hulya and Berton to club AD4X4.

Marshal Isham & Sue cancelled last minute for some reasons. Thank you for informing us.

Atari & Dayana filled the gap.

Marshals- Bulldozer, Serkan(My passenger) & Myself.

Support- Atari(Explorer), Gabor(Expert), Bibin(Intermediate) & MD(Advance)

Engin(2nd lead)
Hulya- ANIT
Lead-Gabor & Myself.

We were 18 friends from club yesterday.
Started at 15.00 from Dec-2 after briefing by Bulldozer & myself and ended at 18.10 at Badayar shops. I have started the lead, played around some clean dunes for couple of hours. All did well including ANIT members. After a small clear run we changed pace a little high for more practice & fun. Berton has to leave in middle because of motion sickness to one of his passenger. Thank you Atari & MD to take him to shops. Gabor took the lead after...we had fun & practiced under his lead around Big red...Afham had some technical issues with his Jeep and left the convey. Thank you Remesh & Bibin to take him to shops. 18.00 we crossed the interchange and ended at Badayar shops. Appreciated Gabor for your lead. You did well. Please do this more.

**Perfect communication with Engin(2nd lead) & Remesh(sweep) helped the lead car for a smooth run.
**Guidance from support seniors.
**Intermediate(Engin) and Newbie(Dayana) did recoveries well.
**Marshal Serkan was in charge with his drone & Camera.
**Another good day spent with club.

Stay safe.. God bless..
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Re: DXB- Practicing Newbie

Post by Serkan »

Sai, thanks a lot taking me to desert after long time as passenger. It was great day and catch up with all friends. There were a few Anits however everybody did great and convoy pace were wonderful. Of course you arranged based on driving skills.

During the drive I was with @MD's passenger also. Thanks @MD for the hospitality :)

See you soon at desert.

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Re: DXB- Practicing Newbie

Post by Bulldozer »

WOOOW in this weather also fasten we couldnt resist to go behind our Marshal Sai, help us the awesome members showed up at deflation point.
nice track was suitable for all drivers even when raised up a little bit all did very well.
we have many promising faces in all levels, some ready for the next level

looking to see you ALL next Friday, dont be late

thank you all again for making the day.
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Re: DXB- Practicing Newbie

Post by Kayra »

it was my third time second leading today and I must say I enjoy following Sai.
I did the 2nd December to Badayer for the first time. I liked the track.
We had a large group with 2 ANITs and I think they handled the drive very well.
Sorry to see Bertan couldn't complete the trip due to motion sickness on one of the passengers.
Best is not allow passengers to eat or drink too much before or during the drive.
My co-pilot Kayra and second co-pilot Ekin did well, thanks God.

I didn't notice any incidents. It was also exciting to second lead behind Gabor, especially in the high dunes approaching the Big Red.

With the axel reinforcement recently done in my car, I felt more confident in straight crest passings.
Thanks to Sai, Bulldozer, Atari, MD, Gabor, Bipin and Remesh for ensuring the safe drive.
Thanks to all the drivers to make this an enjoyable drive.

I am looking forward to the next one.
Engin (Kayra)
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Re: DXB- Practicing Newbie

Post by Dayananaccache »


Thank you everyone for making it a great trip!

It was a great drive 😍 and I also gained some skills 🤩

I did one recovery and gained the side sloping and good communication skills which I’m happy about. Thank you Sai, Bulldozer, Gabor and everyone who supported.

I am looking forward for the next drive 🙌☀️

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Re: DXB- Practicing Newbie

Post by Hulya »

The firs thank you goes to Engin, who introduced me to the group. I enjoyed the whole experience with different phases over the 3 hours...first the courage of ignorance, than being afraid of crests, getting stuck, and finally overcoming the fear and starting to feel the terrain...overall I felt very happy to open a new chapter..I am travelling frequently hence not sure when I can do the next time. I do hope for it though very much...
Thank you all the leaders who supported and all other members: I am sorry for my follower car as I didnt have any flag (i realised myself how important role the flag was playing) .

Thank you all!!! Stay safe...

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Re: DXB- Practicing Newbie

Post by bibinjose »

Thank You Saikka For another fabulous Drive.. 🥰 You are really amazing for find the smooth track allways. It can be suitable for all level.

Thank You Gabor for the lead aswell, You did great job.

Thank You Chief For the full support and guidence. 🥰

Thank You Everyone for Excellent trip. Hope you all see soon.

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.. Bibi's..

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Re: DXB- Practicing Newbie

Post by Cesme »

Newbies trip on Friday was my first with this group being in driver seat. I had previously joined a trip in Engin`s car two weeks back and I had already a very good impression about the professionalism and the positive spirit. I am also very much impressed with my Wrangler that I just bought a week back (thanks to Umut and Engin`s convincing arguments about Wranglers). It is a stock JK, SWB, 2016 model and it did a very good job. Very powerful and handles dunes so well in a way I have not experienced before with my former Pajero LWB and back in time with my Jeep Cherokee Liberty in good old days.

While we were having so much fun, one of my young passengers did not feel well, and I had to bring him back to his parents in good shape thus I decided to terminate earlier than I intended. Thanks to MD, Serkan and Atari leaving the fun for us and escorting me to the shops, my guest appreciated that as well.

I must say several `thank you` s to all involved, starting with Said and SAI, and many others I can`t name here as I am not yet familiar with all names so I don`t want to leave out anyone. I know you guys have spent your time and effort to organize this trip mainly for us, a couple of newcomers, while the experienced ones outnumbered. This tells a lot about how considerate and accommodating this group can be, and all the way you have been offering support while being encouraging as well.

I will definitely be looking forward to the upcoming events after Eid holidays.

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