The 2016 Race

The 2016 Liwa Challenge is a 100 and 200 km nonstop foot race that takes place in Liwa desert, in the Abu Dhabi Emirate, a continuation of the Saudi inhabited Rub al Khali desert (Empty Quarter).

Either a team (minimum 3 people) or an individual can compete in the race, self-sustained with the use of a GPS. The Liwa Challenge is in line with extreme desert races

The course will consist of 9 checkpoints, 4 checking beacons and twenty waypoints, with a finish at the top of Tal Moreeb, one of the highest dunes in the world. Once the finish line crossed, there is only 300 meters to coast down and physical efforts will make way for souvenirs of an unforgettable race.

2016 Liwa Challenge track

Liwa Challenge
Liwa Challenge
Liwa Challenge

Our Role

AD4x4 teamed up with the organization team that flew in from Paris to host this event. 12 of our senior members where assigned to support with Race logistics and also where entrusted with the safety and welfare of the contestants.  For more information about the Liwa Challenge please visit http://www.liwachallenge.com

Ad4x4 team
Anna's Vtech
Ad4x4 Marshals

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