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Trips 101

Trips 101

a) The only equipment required to attend an ANIT trip is a 4X4 vehicle with front and rear recovery points:
b) Half an hour to an hour briefing presenting AD4X4 club: mission and vision, club rules, safety standards, equipment, description of a typical trip and convoy discipline.
c) The AD4X4 ANIT Briefing document should be used to ensure briefing covers all necessary aspects.

Topics to cover:
Never go to Desert without a Desert Expert.
Your Safety is important.
1- Inform your Family/friends about your trip and location.
2- Make sure your Vehicle is in tiptop condition.
3- Carry enough Water, Snacks.
4- Recovery Gear and First Aid kit.

Recovery gear:
1- Deflators
2- Air compressor
3- Rated Snatch strap.
4- Rated Shekels.
5- Jack Board.
6- Flag pole.
7- Shovel.
8- Gloves.
9- Basic tools.
10- Communication device.

Driving Technique:
1- Deflation.
2- Safety belts, securing.
3- Engage 4WD.
4- Keep distance
5- Use the mirrors.
6- Avoid sharp turns.
7- Stay on the same track/position.
8- Keep momentum.
9- Up & down straight angle.
10- Never Fight the Gravity.

d) Explanation of the club grades and the logbook system. It should be highlighted that we are a family oriented club and we come to enjoy the desert, not to chase signatures. Doing the minimum number of trips does not guarantee an upgrade - Marshals will sign when they are confident the member is ready for the next level.
e) Explanation of risks: roll overs can happen, costly hobby, off road insurance required etc.
f) Trip should be easy couple of hours drive with regular breaks for chat, questions, and to check all members are feeling ok about the driving
g) Official ANIT trip should be attended by new members to gain their first star. Members can join a newbie level trip without attending an ANIT first (if the Marshal chooses to accept them) however they will not receive their first star until they attend a proper ANIT trip
h) Following completion of the first ANIT, subsequent ANIT trips can be signed as a newbie trip in the logbook and counted towards the member's upgrade
i) Trips attended prior to obtaining a logbook are not counted toward the member's upgrade
j) Emergency contact details and the red boxes in the logbook are mandatory fields that must be completed by the member prior to getting sign-off for a trip

1.2 Newbie:
a) Full safety briefing and reminder of convoy rules given before start of trip
b) Easy level drive with breaks every hour if no stucks
c) Easy straight cresting, medium downhill slip faces
d) Explain the risk of fighting gravity and how to turn down safely
f) NO NIGHT DRIVE (except direct way out from a BBQ area)
g) NO LIWA! unless approved from Management.
h) Newbies should witness recoveries made by higher level drivers, which should be explained by the supervising Marshal
i) There is no mandatory equipment required by the Newbie apart from a 4x4 with front and rear recovery points (equipment requirement is only for upgrade to intermediate).

1.3 Intermediate:
a) Full safety briefing and reminder of convoy rules given before start of trip
b) Extended trip duration, up to full day of drive. Increase speed of trips
c) Spice up the route and difficulty level, after an easy start to assess the members' capabilities
d) Level of the trip is adjusted to the weakest member
e) Introduction to small side sloping – explanation and demonstrations to be provided
g) Easy night drive
h) Easy Liwa (stay out of the bowls and the highest dunes)
i) Doing their own recoveries if easy, supervised by a Marshal
j) GPS Skill sign off, where the member demonstrates the ability to program and navigate to an easy waypoint, should be on last trip before upgrade to ADVANCED and it is mandatory
k) The equipment required by the member is as per the upgrade requirements from Newbie to Intermediate level

1.4 Advance:
a) Full safety briefing and reminder of convoy rules given before start of trip
b) Side sloping, side cresting, high dune climbing and bowls are introduced and explained
c) Level of the trip is adjusted to the weakest member
d) Lead and sweep trips organized
e) Second lead and sweepers should be advance or above level
f) Learning about advanced recovery techniques
g) GPS training and accumulating waypoints for common areas
h) Upgrade to expert only
i) The equipment required by the member is as per the upgrade requirements from Intermediate to Advanced level.
l) No kids below 16 in this level

1.5 Expert/Explorer:
a) Full safety briefing and reminder of convoy rules given before start of trip
b) Only one limit: safety

2.1 General:
a) Trip leads may limit the convoy size based on safety (i.e. their assessment of the trip, track, members and personal ability to appropriately control and supervise the trip
b) Members are eligible to join any trip posted which is their level (i.e. no limits on trip count, previous night drive experience, equipment, etc.)
c) Night drives - Although it may be useful, there is no additional equipment compulsory for night drives (i.e. off-road lights)
d) Trip leads and marshals take responsibility for the convoy from the time the convoy leave the meeting point until the convoy returns to and leaves the inflation point.
e) Supporting trips - Trip support will be under the direction of the trip lead and support members will maintain the position as directed by the trip lead or supporting marshal (i.e. No playing at the back, no crossing convoy, no side trips, etc.)

2.2 Advance:
a) Can part lead a trip during lead and sweep trip (e.g. advance level trip)
b) Responsible for recoveries under marshal supervision
c) Not entitled to lead a full trip
d) Not entitled to announce a trip
e) Sweepers should be advanced members or above, and should have good communication and GPS skills, all the necessary equipment and be capable of guiding a group to exit point or flat area if the necessity arises

2.3 Expert:
a) Lead expert trips alone
b) Lead advanced level trips subject to having Marshal support
c) No invitation can be given to lower grade members
d) Respect the safety rules and etiquette of the club - convoy discipline, equipment, communication, environment, and show a good example to members
e) No showing off in the desert or on the forum
f) Expected to participate in all aspects of the club, including supporting lower level trips and club events

2.4 Explorer:
a) Lead expert and advanced level trips alone
b) Lead intermediate trips subject to having Marshal support
c) Cannot organise ANIT, newbie.
d) Respect the safety rules and etiquette of the club - convoy discipline, equipment, communication, environment, and show a good example to members
e) Expected to participate in all aspects of the club, including supporting lower level trips and club events

2.5 Marshals:
a) Marshals should be friendly and guide/advise the members
b) Must organise, lead and support trips
c) Supervise all recoveries
d) Must participate in all aspects of the club, including supporting club events, be active on the forum and support to club operational/logistical tasks
e) AD4X4 Marshal cannot be a Marshal in another off-road club
f) Maximum limit of 4 marshals per trip (except management members)
g) Invitations are allowed to one level above with prior approval from an SM who knows the member but no upgrade signature will be given for that trip

2.5.1 Logbook and Signatures:
a) RESPECT YOUR SIGNATURE! Do not sign for an upgrade unless you are confident the member is ready for the next level
b) Only one Marshal can sign a member's upgrade page per trip
c) A Marshal can only sign an upgrade for a member once - one upgrade signature per logbook (except Management)
d) All upgrade signatures should include name and date
e) Signatures can only be given on a trip, not at a later date or outside the desert

2.6 Management members:
a) Management can sign on multiple upgrades
b) Management can approve invitations to trips one level above if the member is known to him/her
c) Management to watch, evaluate and guide the existing Marshals in all aspects of the club
d) Management to contribute to discussions on Expert, Explorer and Marshal upgrades

By agreeing to register for this trip you have read, understood and agreed to the AD 4x4 Indemnity.

During this trip, everyone must abide by the rules as laid down by the Leading Marshal/Explorer. This will include the following.

1) All participants will follow the route of the leader UNLESS you as an individual do not feel it is within your capacity to do so, in this case you will stop and seek assistance.

2) The trip timing is determined by the trip organiser. NO ONE should leave the desert alone before the end of the trip, and then, only when accompanied by a Marshal/Explorer. If the trip does not fit in with your own timeframe, should you attend in the first place? Vehicle is to be mechanically sound and MUST be fitted with recovery points.

3) It is the responsibility of the driver to determine whether it is safe to take passengers, especially children on a trip by trip basis. Young children MUST be seated in an approved car seat in the rear of the vehicle, OR securely fastened with seat belts in their own designated rear seat, and not sitting on drivers/ passenger's laps.

4) Strict convoy positions and spacing is to be followed at all times.

5) Free play and Showing off is not allowed at any time during the trip, unless in a designated "Play Area" identified by the leader. During this time the Leading Marshal will organise the queue for dune climbing or side sloping. No one is allowed to play alone outside of the " Play Area "
If you have children with you, you MUST supervise them at all times and keep them away from any "Play Area" Children WILL NOT be allowed in parents cars who are taking part in the "Play Time" and will be supervised by the organising Marshal or an appropriate adult.

6) Recovery of a stuck vehicle is the sole responsibility of the Sweeper OR other person designated by the Leader. No one else will interfere with the recovery unless specifically asked to do so by the Sweeper or Leading Marshal. This may not apply during Newbie instruction trips, when you will be given a chance to learn & practice recovery techniques.

7) The ONLY people allowed to drive at the side of a convoy are Marshals who will be assessing people on their driving skills and to offer advice and assistance to the leading Marshal or designated trip leader

Failure to follow the above rules will result in the offending member being verbally warned by the Leading Marshal. Any reoccurrence will result in the offending member receiving Black Points which will automatically lead to a ban from further trips for a designated period decided by the Committee.

These rules are for your safety & the safety of everyone else on the trip and your co-operation is appreciated.

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