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Report: Shaving the Crests of Khazna with Flaghunter

Report: Shaving the Crests of Khazna with Flaghunter

All met on time this time on a rainy morning, everybody managed to find the meeting point without issues. After a safety briefing and a radio check, the convoy hit the rollercoaster dunes at 7:34am. Convoy order:

  • Flaghunter - lead
  • Thompa-bjorka - second lead
  • Bhav
  • Kman - official sweeper
  • PearlyGates59 - support
  • Emdoc - support

We had good fun in the playground dunes. The sand was still wet and the driving conditions were thus a little more challenging, demanding some extra care. At 8:00 we took a quick break and continued side-sloping, side-cresting and surfing the dunes in the Sweihan direction. At 8:21, Flaghunter got finally stuck on top of the crest, which was expected after six stucks the last time. Kman did a great recovery as always. At 8:38, as we were heading towards a gate that would let us through the fence, EmDoc had a flat tyre which he promptly fixed  with the help of the team. After we crossed the gate and headed back to the dunes through a bushy area, Flaghunter got stuck again at 9:00am, messing up his power steering with attempted "right-left-right" self recovery. EmDoc's tyre also gave up around the same time.

Despite some serious and creative car-fixing skills demonstrated by Kman and Testinwork (EmDoc's passenger), Flaghunter's car wasn't in shape to continue the trip, so Kman led the convoy to the nearest gatch on a newbie track. Around 10:00am, Flaghunter left and headed back, along with Thompa-bjorka whose passenger didn't feel very well after the rollercoaster. The rest of the convoy continued towards Sweihan, under Kman's and later EmDoc's lead (on a spare tyre).

(Michael if you would like to report on the rest of the trip, please send me a message and I'll paste here).

All drivers did very well, thanks everyone for an eventful rainy morning and see you soon, hopefully on a trip with a little bit more driving and less fixing!

​Time October 19, 2018 - 7:30 AM
Khazna, Abu Dhabi
Cars Joined 
6 Cars

Trip Schedule  

​7:15 am - 7:30 am
​Meeting point at deflation point
​7:30 am - 9:00 am
Drive towards Sweihan 
​9:00 am - 10:00 am
Car fixing
​10:00 am - ???
Continued trip in a convoy of 4



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Thursday, 24 January 2019
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