ICE ......In Case of Emergency

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ICE ......In Case of Emergency

Post by Mac » Tue Feb 03, 2009 8:07 pm

Can I ask all members to put a number in their mobile phone under the name ICE, which is an internationally recognised code for contacting a family member/friend should something happen when we are on club trips
You can add more than one ICE contact number for say a friend in the UAE and a relative possibly overseas.


Yes, Iguana maintains a list of known contact numbers but it will be easier for trip leaders to have this facility available to them when we are out and about.

If it is a serious accident the contact number will be made available to the Police to deal with, whether here in the UAE or linking with Embassies if an expat is involved and the message has to be conveyed abroad. This is a Police role not ours.

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