FJ Cruiser - 2 Inch Lift

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FJ Cruiser - 2 Inch Lift

Post by Cloggy » Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:00 pm

Hi , i am currently looking at putting in a 2 inch lift in my FJ. I have decided on Dobinsons spring coils and are now considering Pro-Fender or OME. I have no add-ons to the car and the off roading is mostly experienced level desert driving and the trips in general are on an average about 500 - 700 Km over a weekend, including hard top.

Any insights as to which ones are better, Pro-fender (2.0 nitro 8 adjustable step or Mono Tube 2.0 hgh pressure)) I see hardly any reviews although they are sold widely in the middle east and for OME the reviews are quite diverse. I had looked at ironman, but they do not have the Foam Pro ones here, they also sell Auto-Pro (Chinese Made), but can not find anything at all about this brand. Obviously they also offered the FOX ones, but the prices are more than double which I think is overkill.

One other option that was suggested was a DBS spacer suspension levelling kit, 3 inch front, 2 inch rear, anyone any experience with this kit or knows how these handle in desert driving with cresting and the occasional jumps :) or 80 degree short drops.

Thanks in advance for any advice from your fellow 4X4 rover in Riyadh
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Re: FJ Cruiser - 2 Inch Lift

Post by M_abbasi007 » Thu Sep 27, 2018 9:13 pm

Check with redical motor sport garage in Dubai
They have few options for dobinson lift kit in a reasonable price.
Im thinking to install on my Fj soon
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